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Tokay High Band/Guard Boosters 2013-2014

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Mission Statement

Band and Guard boosters is non-profit organization for the purpose of supporting the Tiger Band and Guard financially and physically when help is needed. The Band/Guard Boosters are also committed to support the philosophy of the importance of public school music programs.

Band Booster News and Upcoming Events

Chocolate Sales

Chocolate sales are in progress, there will an opportunity to sell chocolate bars via a Blitz on Saturday February 22, 2014. Some parents will drive/monitor students to selected Tokay High neighborhoods. Band students are encouraged to bring their unsold chocolate bars to this event. The last of the group boxes will be sold first and then students can sell their bars.
This is a good opportunity to raise some funds for the upcoming trip.

Most students have been issued a box of chocolate to sale with your permission and supervision. Safety is paramount when conducting this business. The suggested way of sales is to solicit friends, family and neighbors for their support.

The first goal is to sale 100 cartons of chocolate, as of the last Band Booster meeting approximately 52 cartons had been sold by students and Booster volunteers. 

The spring trip to Southern California hangs on the ability to fund safe and comfortable transportation for the students. There is an estimate of $375 per student for the trip. 

Teriyaki Drive Thru Dinner

Urgent: There is a need for donations towards this dinner. Chicken Thighs, Broccoli, Costco cookies to be uniform. Contact Remy Barila for coordination or e-mail Rudy Carreon.

February 19, 2014   4-7 PM  About $8 a meal, No cooking that night, see you there. Again this fundraiser is another opportunity to raise funds towards the student costs for the Disney trip.
Contact a Booster for tickets, ask your son or daughter.

Tokay Band Yard sale

TBD 2014  Your donations of used items would be greatly appreciated. Tax ID and form can be provided. Pick up can be arranged with Rudy Carreon at rudycarreon1536@comcast.net
A friendly reminder large items like TVs, appliances can be brought the day of the yard sale. Unsold large items can cost money to dispose please be considered.

Hello Booster parents,
This website was established to provide information on the happenings of the Tokay High band boosters. This website is not intended to replaced any
communications between the Band director and the parent. Please consult Mr. Rob Barnes through established processes.

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